Rainbow Lifestyle Card connects and unites the GLBT community


  • Get A Rainbow Card

    The Rainbow Lifestyle Card is free to the LGBT Community, and you can use it in hundreds of LGBT friendly venues. Click to get one!
  • Your Business Can Accept The Card

    Find out how you can benefit from accepting the RainbowCard, and add your GLBT or GLBT-friendly business to the growing list of venues offering special discounts and promotions to our community around Asia-Pacific.
  • Where You Can Use The Card

    The Rainbow Lifestyle Card is accepted at hundreds of LGBT friendly venues both in Asia and beyond.
  • The LGBT Lifestyle Card

    The LGBT Lifestyle Card

    We've reached beyond Asia, into Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa


What's the Rainbow Card?
Its a free discount card for LGBT.

How Much Does It Cost?
Its free!

How Do I Get One?
Click on the 'Get A Rainbow Card' Link and fill out a short form.

When Will I Get My Card?
Usually within 24 hours or less.

Where Can I Use It?
Click on the 'Where To Use It Link'!

How Can My Business Accept The Rainbow Card?
Please click on the 'Add Your Business' link for full details.